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Na.Me Collection

Lumnezia Reduced to $33inc GST for floor 1200x600mm – 100m2 in stock

Swiss Grey $22in GST for floor 600x600mm – 100m2 in stock

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A carefully chosen selection of stone types in porcelain stoneware, in shades of beige and grey, suitable for both commercial and residential environments.

Na.Me is more than a simple porcelain stoneware take on stone: it is an authentic collector of stone types with an impressive variety of inspirations, surfaces and styles. A complete, versatile palette, the result of painstaking research into the stones most widely used in modern architecture, which ideally belong to 3 different styles, or boxes.

An archetype with a strong emotional value, the reference to stone has always been a symbol able to transmit purity, solidity and beauty. The beauty of modest, unpretentious simplicity, which acquires unique character as time passes. The class that derives from being an integral part of nature: incredible streaking effects and unique colours, the perfect response to the practical and style requirements of contemporary design.

The collection offers a distinctive porcelain stoneware take on different types of stone, thanks to the top-quality natural materials and cutting-edge technologies. Each slab has its own story to tell, featuring complex patterns, smooth colours and painstakingly crafted details, improving on the imperfections of the original stone.

in addition to this, the 20 mm thick tiles can be ordered in custom sizes and patterns which makes them ideal for landscaping; they are a favourite for landscape architects and designers.


Swiss Grey, Lumnezia, Noir Belge


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Natural (P3 R10), Natural (P2 R9), External Finish (P5 R11)